Author Information

Submission Types

Call for Contributed Papers: Papers are invited in the form of regular manuscripts. Papers must conform to the submission policy, described below, requiring that all manuscripts be in 2- column format and meet strict page limits.

Call for Invited Sessions: Invited sessions consist of 5-6 papers presenting a unifying. Proposals must describe the motivation and relevance of the session. Proposals must be accompanied by full versions of each paper, which will be individually reviewed together with the proposal itself. Individual papers may be removed from a proposed session and replaced by appropriate contributed papers. In case an entire proposed session is rejected, selected papers may be accepted as contributed papers.

Call for Tutorial Sessions: Tutorial sessions are organized invited sessions with presentations that address state-of-the-art control theory and advanced industrial applications. Tutorial presentations may be 20, 40, or 60 minutes long, with the total session time not exceeding 2 hours. Submission of a tutorial paper is optional. If submitted, the manuscript will undergo the standard review process. Tutorial papers may be up to 18 pages long, with the total page count of the session not exceeding 36 pages. Panel discussions are also considered.

Call for Workshops: Workshops to be held prior to the conference are solicited on all related topics. Proposals for workshops addressing novel control methodologies and control applications are strongly encouraged.

Call for TCST Paper Presentation: Authors of relevant papers published recently in IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology may apply to give oral presentations at CCTA. Papers published or accepted after June 11, 2019 (Vol. 27, Issue 4 onwards) are eligible. The mechanism to apply is to submit a copy of the TCST paper as an “Industry paper”, using the code: 9ud3w. The deadline for application is April 5, 2021.

Submission Specifics

All papers and session proposals must be submitted through the conference submission website and must be submitted in English. All submissions must conform to the following policy:

All submitted papers must be formatted in the standard 2-column IEEE Proceedings format. Click here for author kits with style (.cls) files for LaTeX and templates (.dot) for MS-Word.
For the purposes of REVIEW, papers are limited to 8 pages; papers exceeding this limit cannot be uploaded.
For PUBLICATION in the Proceedings, accepted papers are limited to 6 pages; papers exceeding this limit are subject to a page over-length fee.

Video Presentations

How to Prepare to Present your Paper at CCTA 2021

CCTA 2021 is planning for a full online conference hosted through PaperPlaza. Please note that final paper manuscripts must be uploaded by June 28. For smooth operation of conference sessions, we are also requiring you to upload a video recording of your talk. Between June 1 – June 28 you will be able to upload your pre-recorded video presentations. Further details are provided below.

Presenting your paper in an invited or regular session:

Authors must pre-record a video of their presentation and upload to PaperPlaza, which will be made available to conference attendees through the online conference program. Video presentations are REQUIRED for contributed and invited papers (15-minute presentation with 5 minutes Q&A).

[REQUIRED] You must upload a video of your presentation to PaperPlaza by the deadline, June 28. PaperPlaza will be able to accept your uploads starting June 1. Your presentation will be played from the conference website by your Session Chair/Co-Chair during your scheduled presentation date and time according to the conference program. For contributed and invited paper presentations, after your video presentation completes, the Session Chair/Co-Chair will open the floor for a live 5 minutes question and answer period. Please see details below on how to prepare your presentation for upload.

How to Prepare Your Video Presentation for Upload:

Please use the following requirements to prepare your video:

  1. Video Duration: Contributed and invited paper presentations: 15-minute max video presentation
  2. File size limit: 100MB file
  3. Minimum resolution: 854×480
  4. Aspect ratio: 16:9

Video file format: Prepare your video file in mp4 format. Please DO NOT upload Powerpoint or PDF files.
If you are having challenges with the file size, please consider limiting the horizontal lines to 720 and/or using a compression tool such as the one here:

You are also required to upload a release form with your video (signed copy in PDF or JPG), as it is not covered by the original copyright transfer. The deadline for release form submission is also June 28.
While we are unable to provide individualized technical support to help you create your video, the following possible approaches can be used:

[Easiest and Recommended] Record your presentation on your computer using Zoom. To do so, create a Zoom meeting, then use the share screen feature to share your own presentation and present your own work while recording your own voice. Afterwards, download your video, then check the file’s compatibility with the requirements stated above in terms of file format, size, aspect ratio, etc. Upload your video to PaperPlaza by June 28.

For iPad users, apps such as Explain EDU can be used to present Powerpoint slides and record your voice simultaneously, then the video file can be saved and uploaded to PaperPlaza. This option, however, requires you to purchase the Explain EDU app. This app is also nice for making online video instruction videos or lectures if you later decide to present your work to others or teach in an online format.

Another useful tool to record your presentation is Loom. Loom lets you record quickly a screencast with voiceover and your face. It’s quite easy to turn a PPT into a fine presentation video.
Please note all specifications required above will be checked at the time of submission and files not meeting specifications will not be allowed to upload. The corresponding author can login to their workspace in PaperPlaza and starting June 1 can follow the link to upload (or re-upload) the video presentation file up until the deadline of June 28.

Except for the duration, size and other format requirements noted above, the composition of material in the presentation is left free for the authors to decide. But please be sure the video includes the title of the paper, the authors, and a reference to CCTA 2021 as the conference. This will make it easier for the session organizers to identify the video.

In composing your video, please start early. Recording may require multiple takes until you are fully satisfied. It may help to prepare a written script to read from. Also, given that the resulting video files will be very large, they might need a long time to upload.